The Making of a Portfolio

Aloha, my name’s Joval. I have just finished my undergraduate studies at UC Berkeley with in Architecture and a minor in Envionmental Design and Urbanism. Getting restless from the post-graduation vacuum of today, I’m just starting to think of how I will tackle the heavy task of creating my portfolio. I made a quick cut-and-paste portfolio for an optional studio (ARCH 101), but it was more plopping down renders and images onto the page rather than designing a portfolio.

Now I have all the time to design a proper portfolio. I’ll have to return to my old projects, and this will be the toughest roadblock for me because I find it hard to look back at old projects. I’d rather move on to new projects, but I suppose this exercise will help in learning how to edit and apply new knowledge/perspective to the old. I will be putting in projects from my Chabot College as well as my studio projects from Berkeley.

I am planning on splitting my portfolio into 3 parts: 1) Academic, 2) Work (if I can find any jobs/internships), 3) Competitions


  1. A Sacred Space – Final project for ARCH 8A at Chabot
  2. Facade Study – Small assignment that studied a facade redesign of an ink/pigment store
  3. Artist-in-Residence – house and atelier
  4. Supermarket Prototype – Lucky’s prototype
  5. ARCH 100A – Stormwater Filtering/Education Facility
  6. ARCH 100B – Hybrid car dealership/museum
  7. ARCH 140 – Daylighting model
  8. ARCH 160 – Wood Bench, Steel Cofffee Table, Concrete

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