Tiger in the Snow

One of the first things I am tackling with the portfolio is the choice of colors. After picking a color palette, hopefully I can begin the rough draft of the general page layouts . Revisiting old projects will be one of the longer processes in making this portfolio and once I have a rough layout of the projects, I can just insert my edited projects into my portfolio and begin to finalize everything.

Anyway, the above image is a mosaic of swatches from the very useful Kuler. I have narrowed it down to these 5 swatches.

  1. The Science of Art – what attracts me to this palette is that it has a simple array of 4 light gray/brown hues with a green accent color.
  2. Fine China – this is similar to the first one in that it has one accent color (blue), with the difference being the addition of a dark black color.
  3. The Science of Art (Red) – I changed the accent color of the first one to a magenta-like color
  4. Retro – this one is nice because of it’s broad range of colors from the light to the dark. It’s also fairly subdued, which would work well in a portfolio where you want your work to stand out, not your flashy colors
  5. Tiger in the Snow – similar to Fine China. This one’s great because of its cool colors with the orange.
I am leaning towards the simple palette with accent colors like the 1st, 3rd, and 5th swatches. However, the wider ranged palettes could be useful if I wanted to have difference colors to categorize my academic, professional, and personal work.
I must say I love some of these titles, particularly “Tiger in the Snow,” the colors of which were probably grabbed from an image of, well, a tiger in the snow. Is my portfolio work a large orange cat in the snow or the application of science and art? Both are fitting, I think.

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