A Friend Bench

The Friend Bench in front of Ramona’s Cafe at Wurster Hall. This was a project for ARCH 160 (Construction) for which we had to design and build a sitting device that would allow people to eat and relax. There was a design requirement of engaging with the concrete planter benches scattered in the Wurster front courtyard. My group’s concept was a “friend bench” that would simply slot in to the uniform width concrete planters.

The project has 4 components: the base, two chairs facing opposite directions, and a shared table in the middle. Our goal with the project was to build a bench that would allow two friends (maybe even strangers) to relax and conversate while eating or studying. In building the bench, we used Ash for its structural and aesthetic quality and used different kinds of wooden joinery such as half laps and bridle joints for the connections. It was a joy to see people using our project. Apparently it was one of the more popular 160 projects in the courtyard. 🙂


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