Painted Canvas

An old project I did back in 2008 at Chabot College. It was a short project where we had to design the facade of a paint/pigment store. Although the brief was almost entirely program-less, I added an education component to the building that would bring in the community to “learn” art (techniques) as well as a gallery to showcase local artists. The painted wood panels was placed to evoke an image of paint “dripping” from the roof. The roofline tapers down to connect the difference scales of the adjacent buildings. Additionally, the tall floor-to-ceiling glass near the entrance presents a glimpse at the local art scene.

Although it was simple project, I am quite pleased with how this one turned out. In hindsight, I could change a million things in the design (the facade is a little bit too flat, for one) but I will stay my hand for this one. I just added some subtle reflections in the glass to the render, which made it look roughly 21 times better. 🙂

To do list for this project:

  • construction detail wall section
  • detail of facade elements

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